Alhamdulillah we established 21 charitable clinics at various slum areas Of Twin Cities our resource team Of Doctors, Para clinical Staff is highly Dedicated, Sympathetic to serve needy patients with a "Service to mankind Is service to god" as its motto.

1. Tariffs:

Out Patient consultation at Rs.10/Pt or Rs.15/pt with medication.

2. Specialty Unani Clinics:

Diseases like Jaundice, Piles, sinusitis, renal, calculi are treated with unani medicine.

3. R&O Wing:

Various P.G. Scholars, eminent physicians carryout their resource on various disease with unani regime.

4. Statistical Census:

Approximately an area of 1000 pt's/day visits our charitable clinics which count to almost three Lacks Pt/ Annum.

1. Qadeja Clinic, Qilwath.
2. Qadeja Clinic, Nawabsahib Kunt a.
3. National Clinic, Madannapet.
4. National Clinic, Kurmaguda.
5. Biyabani Clinic, Vattepally.
6. Amina Clinic, Baba nagar.
7. Dr. Vakil Clinic, Kurmaguda.
8. Dr. Tanveer Clinic, Gulshan Iqbal colony.
9. Or. Sufi Clinic
10. Dr. Hyders Clinic, Asad Baba Nagar.
11. Taiba Clinic, Baba Nagar.
12. Maaji Cl inic, Teegalkunta Alamanam.
13. Or. Al Amanath.
14. Tarannum, Kalapather.
15. Dr. Qader Clinic Aman Nagar.
16. Dr. Hyder, Shaheen Nagar
17. Dr. Rizwan